• Super Nature Design
    is an interdisciplinary
    boutique design studio
    based in Shanghai.
  • Every project is an
    adventure. We explore
    the new possibilities
    and searching for what
    the future hold.
  • We are creators of
    experiences. A diverse
    group of designers,
    artists & collaborators
    with unique point of
    view and individuality.
  • We are transforming
    design and art into
    analog and digital
    communication, into
    products, installation
    and spaces for better
  • For the last 10 years of
    successful work that
    we have created &
    released over 70
    projects, we enjoy
    develop our work at
    the intersection to
    perfection, artistic &
    good taste.
  • The partnership with its
    research associate –
    Hyperthesis Visual Lab
    in New Zealand.

    It was established to
    build a strong
    collaboration in finding
    new resources and
    research discovery.
  • In Super Nature,
    the definition of
    good design is _
    Creating moments
    of engagement